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Baby Dove Diaper rash

How to treat baby diaper rash

There’s that moment that every mom experiences in the early days. You take off a diaper, expecting baby soft cheeks and instead there’s a sore, red bottom staring back at you. Annoyingly, baby diaper rash is really common but luckily it’s also easy to treat. 

Diapers are close-fitting for a reason – we don’t want anything escaping! – but the constant rubbing can make little bottoms sore. Throw in the usual suspects found in your baby’s diaper – which cause the skin’s pH to rise and make it more vulnerable to infection – and you’ve got an instant recipe for a rash. 

But don’t worry – here are some of our favourite tried-and-tested tips from the Baby Dove experts to help get your baby’s bottom back to normal.

  • 1

    Keep your little one dry.  

    Keeping your baby’s skin as dry as possible is the main thing, so try to change dirty diapers ASAP. If you find it tricky to remember – you won’t be the first – consider changing them after every feed or even after every time you go to the bathroom yourself 

  • 2

    Keep your baby’s bottom clean. 

    Keeping their bottom clean will also help, so try giving them a bath to ease irritation. Our Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash is hypoallergenic and goes beyond mildness to soothe soreness, too. Gently pat their bottom dry to remove any excess moisture

  • 3

    Use a protective diaper cream. 

    Now it’s time to apply a special ointment for diaper rash like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream. Firstly, it neutralizes the skin’s pH – the higher the pH, the higher the likelihood of irritations – so it brings immediate comfort as soon as you slather it on. Secondly, it provides a protective layer between the skin and those soiled diapers until the next change

  • 4

    Gently smooth in diaper cream.  

    Every mom has her own way of using cream for diaper rash – whether you rub it in thoroughly, use a thin film or keep topping up during the day. However you do it, don’t be alarmed by how quickly our Rich Moisture Diaper Cream disappears into the skin: this doesn’t mean it’s not working; it’s formulated to spread easily so it doesn’t pull at the baby’s skin as you apply

  • 5

    Diaper-free time.  

    Whenever you can, let baby have some diaper-free time. They’ll love it, and the air will help heal the rash. Just remember to lay them on a towel in case of accidents

  • 6

    Speak to a doctor.  

    Baby diaper rash should clear up within a week. If your baby’s bottom is still sore after that, it’s best to talk to your pediatrician