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Baby Dove Bathing a baby

How to bathe a baby – your way

Feeling nervous about bathing your bundle of joy for the first time? We’ve been there. A soapy, wriggling baby in a tub of water can freak out even the most confident of moms. Then there’s all those bathtime dilemmas… What’s the best time to bathe a baby? What’s the ideal baby bath temperature? How many times a week should I bathe them? 

Bathing a baby is an art, not a science so there’s no ‘right’ way to do it, and in time you’ll find your own way. Before you get started, though, it will help to know one very important thing – baby skin is different. It’s still developing, so it’s much thinner and more fragile than yours and it loses moisture fast. All this means is that it needs extra care not only to cleanse the skin gently, but to go beyond mildness to actively replenish moisture – and the entire range of Baby Dove products works together to do just that.  

Now you know the basics about baby skin, let’s get into a few practical tips from real moms on how they tackle tub time.

  • 1

    Hannah, mom of one.

    “I put bottles of liquid soap and shampoo in the water for a few minutes before using them. This warms them up so it’s not a shock for my little one when I start using them.” 

  • 2

    Catherine, mom of three. 

    “Who needs a baby bath when you have a sink? I bathed all three of my kids in ours when they were born. It’s a great way to save your back.” 

  • 3

    Melissa, mom of twins. 

    “Soap can make baths slippery. I got around this by putting an old towel at the bottom of the bath. It gives some grip and helps you keep hold of that soapy, wriggling baby.” 

  • 4

    Penny, mom of two. 

    “If your baby seems to hate the bath, make up a special song and sing it to them just before bathtime. It helps prepare them for it.” 

  • 5

    Cally, mom of three.

     “I put a warm wet flannel over my little one’s tummy while bathing her. The feel of it makes her feel secure and also keeps her warm.” 

  • 6

    Marnie, mom of one. 

    “Once baby is in the bath, you can’t really move so I keep all bath products, including toys, in a mini shopping basket. I just pull it out at bathtime so everything is within reach.”