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Dove Face wash

Face wash

There’s nothing worse than that tight feeling you can get – you know the one –  just after you wash your face. That’s why we created face washes that cleanse and care for your skin

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There’s nothing better than a refreshing, revitalising cleanse to wake us up, and a relaxing, luxuriously thorough routine before bed. Which is why we’ve created a range of foaming cleansers that actually have a moisturising beauty serum built-in. Our NutriumMoisture™ formula reaches deeply* into our skin – and when we say deep*, we mean it: it penetrates an incredible 10 layers down, infusing it with nutrients and hydration so that it looks and feels beautifully plump.

Whatever your skin needs, we know one thing: once you try Dove Face Wash you won’t go back.

*Within the stratum corneum 

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