Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash 

This body wash for men helps to hydrate for strong, healthy skin while delivering cooling refreshment and skin comfort.

400 ML

• Refreshingly cool, comfortable clean

• MicroMoisture technology activates when lathering

• Helps keep skin healthier and protected against dryness

• Delivers a refreshing clean and total skin comfort

• This effective formula rinses off easily
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash, with MicroMoisture technology, helps hydrate for healthier skin that’s protected against dryness and irritation. This effective formula delivers extra refreshment and total skin comfort.

The refreshing lather contains unique MicroMoisture technology, which activates upon lathering. Designed specifically for men’s skin, our body wash for men helps to lock in your skin’s natural moisture leaving it feeling hydrated, healthy and protected against dryness. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash contains menthol to deliver cooling refreshment and its lather rinses cleanly away leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Try Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash for a refreshing shower that leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Start your morning with long-lasting freshness. 

• Cooling freshness
Looking for a wake-up call? Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash contains menthol, which leaves skin feeling fresh and cool

• Healthier skin
Dove Men+Care MicroMoisture technology hydrates for healthier skin, protecting it against irritation

• All-over cleansing
The easy-rinse gel is gentle enough on your skin, so you can also use it as a face wash

In the shower, soak your whole body and face. Use enough Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash to cover half your palm, rub your hands together to turn the gel into a light foam and work it into your body and face. Rinse thoroughly.

Pair your body wash with a scrubbing brush for an even deeper clean