Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash 

Lock in moisture and deeply clean skin with Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash.

400 ML

• Provides a refreshingly cool clean

• Contains purifying grains

• MicroMoisture technology activates when lathering

• Helps keep skin healthy and protected against dryness

• Delivers a deeply refreshing clean

• Effective formula rinses off easily

Looking for a men’s body wash that delivers deep refreshment? Reach for Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash. This men’s body wash, which contains purifying grains, provides a deep and refreshing clean. As part of the Dove Men+Care range, it’s specifically designed for men’s skin and is uniquely formulated with MicroMoisture technology to help lock in skin’s moisture and leave it feeling hydrated and healthy. 

This body wash is even mild and gentle enough to use on your face – saving you time in the shower each morning. Formulated with purifying grains, this body wash provides a refreshing clean. 

For a deep clean, squeeze a drop or two of Dove men’s body wash on your palms and rub your hands together to turn the gel into a light foam. Work the product into your body and face, avoiding contact with your eyes, and rinse. The ultra-light lather rinses off easily in the shower, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Get a purifying shower that leaves your skin feeling healthy with Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash. 


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