Detox Ritual Care Conditioner 

Inspired by Japanese hair and beauty rituals, Dove Nourishing Secrets Detox Ritual gently purifies your hair without drying it out, and reduces excess oiliness and damage triggered by pollution*. Dove Detox Ritual conditioner feeds your hair with the nature-inspired ingredients, to provide protection against city life, pollution and other environmental factors that can leave your hair feeling strained and in need of care. *System use vs. non-conditioning shampoo.


• Gently purifies hair without drying it out

• With matcha and rice milk

• Inspired by the beauty rituals of Japanese women

• Reduces oiliness and damage triggered by pollution

• System use vs. non-conditioning shampoo

• Advanced nourishment of Dove with inspiration from nature

• Perfect for daily use


To use, smooth this Dove conditioner into wet hair after shampooing with Dove Nourishing Secrets Detox Ritual Shampoo. Gently massage into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and then rinse away.

Pair with Dove Detox Ritual Shampoo. 

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