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Dove Discover Our Mission to End Hair Labeling

Discover Our Mission to End Hair Unfairness

9 out of 10 women say they’ve faced judgment, unfairness and labeling as a result of invisible hair rules – expectations introduced at a young age, which put pressure on women to conform to what’s ‘acceptable’ when it comes to the appearance of their hair. In some instances, hair unfairness turns into hair discrimination: a form of social injustice experienced by Black people around the world, based on hair styles and textures, that’s rooted in systemic racism – with serious impact. Invisible hair rules can be difficult to challenge because their consequences aren’t always obvious.¹

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The impact of these beauty standards for women is real – emotionally and financially. In our recent study, 30% of women said the pressure to conform to societal rules negatively impacts their self-confidence.1 And shockingly, 90% of women said hair unfairness has hindered their career, while 38% of women said they had been financially impacted as a direct result of hair unfairness.1 This has to change. 

Hair and self-esteem go hand in hand. As the biggest provider of self-esteem education, the Dove Self-Esteem Project ensures that young people grow up with the confidence to celebrate their uniqueness. And that includes their hair. Through our Hair Unfairness campaign and the CROWN Coalition, we want to enact change, help break boundaries, build confidence, champion true hair diversity, and challenge stereotypes. We’re working to confront the long-term damage hair bias can have – so the next generation can become adults who love who they are without judgment. By sharing authentic, inclusive representations of women’s hair across the world, we can tackle limiting hair ideals. Discover our mission to end hair labeling. Together, we can make a difference.


¹Dove Hair Whitepaper 2021

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