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Tips & how to

From the best way to straighten hair to advice on how to stop sweating, explore our tips and tricks below.

Tips & How to

Dove How to keep hair beautiful
How to keep hair beautiful
Don’t choose between caring for hair and achieving a style you love
Dove How to treat damaged hair
How to treat damaged hair
Visit our page on how to treat damaged hair to start the healing process
Dove How to treat dry hair
How to treat dry hair
Looking for ways to get your hair back to it’s soft, smooth self? Our dry hair tips could help, discover them here…
Dove Underarms take center stage
6 times your underarms take center stage
Here are 6 times you need a reliable anti-perspirant that cares as well as protects.
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Dove How to protect hair against heat damage
How to protect hair against heat damage
We love heat styling so it’s important to know how to repair heat damaged hair
How to care for aging hair
How to care for aging hair
Want tips on how to make aging hair look its beautiful youthful best? Check out our page on caring for mature hair.
Dove Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
We expose the secret beauty products giving you confidence…
Dove How to wash hair properly
How to wash hair properly
Six tips to enhance your daily hair care routine
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How to get smooth and silky hair
Wondering how to get smooth hair with a shiny finish? Here are six quick tweaks to your normal routine to help give you that beautiful shiny hair look.
6 things you didn’t know about your conditioner
What’s the best way to condition hair? Here are six things you never knew about conditioner to help you decide…
Dove Shampoo myths
6 shampoo myths: revealed
Want to care for your hair without the confusion caused by hair-care myths? We debunk them so you can get on with shampooing hair in confidence.
Tips for soft hair
Want softer hair? Learn how to get silky hair at home with these tips.
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Dove Power of bath
The power of a bath
A relaxing bath could be the perfect place to unwind. See how here.
Dove Showering morning or night
The perks of washing in the morning or before bed
A shower before bed is perfect for winding down, and in the morning it can help you wake up. Here’s why we love both, depending on our mood.
Dove Treat oily hair
How to treat oily hair
Read our advice and get your hair confidence back
How to get shiny hair
Want glossier hair? You’ve found the right place
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How often to wash hair
Six hair-washing questions answered
Dove Hair care tips
Hair care tips
Want beautiful, healthy-looking hair every day?
How to manage thin hair
Styling know-how to help you achieve incredible volume
Dove Repair damaged hair
How to repair damaged hair
With the right products and practices, damaged hair is easily remedied
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