Real Mom Shauna

Real Mom Shauna as photographed by Ami Vitale

After devoting their lives to raising sheep and dairy cows on their prize-winning farm, Shauna and her husband are now even more devoted to raising their first child, four-month-old Adam. 

Farm life is already offering Adam unique experiences that most children will only experience on the internet and in petting zoos. Because pregnancy didn’t come easy for Shauna, when Adam finally came into this world, he was very wanted, loved and welcomed. Shauna was committed to feeding her son breast milk, but a latching issue got in the way. So she took all her experience pumping cow’s milk and put it to good use pumping her own milk for Adam. Bottles and nipples are sterilized daily and the farm chores still need to be done. 

Time and sleep are in short supply and the work is rarely pretty, but farmers aren’t complainers and Shauna simply pushes through her daily chores with Adam strapped to her chest. Baby Dove knows there are no perfect moms. Just beautifully-real ones like Shauna.