Real Mom Ashley

Real Mom Ashley as photographed by Eran Sudds

Ashley was led to believe she would never be able to conceive naturally. So she threw herself into her business instead, a now thriving fitness company.


Once she met the man of her dreams, a baby soon became part of their dreams. Much to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t long before there were three loves in Ashley’s life: her business, her husband and a bouncing baby girl named Rowynne. Refusing to shortchange any of them, Ashley devised an ingenious plan to make Rowynne her new business partner. She incorporated Rowynne into her BabyFit Classes, allowing mom and baby to be together most of the day. And while Ashley is filming her social media videos, Rowynne is right there with her, adding playfulness to every crunch, curl and lotus pose, while loving every minute of it.


Life has never been busier or more complicated for Ashley, but she remains an ever-grateful ball of energy and optimism. Baby Dove knows there are no perfect moms. Just beautifully-real ones like Ashley.